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           Pitfalls While Investing.
 No goal It's like being aimless, like a ship lost at sea.   Having goals, helps make one choose the appropriate investment decision
It's like betting, where you ultimately almost never win.
Invest for the long term, it helps you achieve your goals and also gives your portfolio the recovery it may need on account of certain market corrections.
 Starting late
It's time lost which will not come back, resulting in significant loss of opportunity to create wealth.
Starting early is like half the battle won. The earlier you start, you make better use of the power of compounding to boost your returns.
 No diversification
It's like putting all eggs in one basket. A dangerous way to invest, putting most of the capital at the risk of a permanent loss.
By having a diversified portfolio you make sure that no one type of investment determines the success or failure at achieving your goals.
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