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Investing is a step wise process involving understanding of your risk appetite, evaluating all the options available and then following it up with a plan.
Step 1: Assess your attitude towards investing
When building a long-term investment plan, it's most important to understand yourself as an investor, your emotions, your fears, and your tolerance for risk. This would help you choose investments that best suit your profile and your long-term goals.
Step 2: Understand the investment options & follow a plan
 Investment options    Following a plan
   Direct equity    Have a strategy
  Purchase shares of public listed companies.  
Make an investment plan based on your risk profile and sset allocation and match whether it would help achieve your goals.
  Fixed Income    
  Get into fixed deposits or interest bearing instruments    Be disciplined in your approach –
  Mutual funds  
stay focused, rather than timing the market spend more time staying invested in the markets.
  Purchase funds that suit your requirements.    
  Purchase gold, realty etc.    
Step 3: Monitor your investments periodically
  Markets are dynamic and changing, so you need to keep track of where you are headed at regular intervals.
Step 4: Rebalance portfolios when required
  As you move ahead in life towards achieving your goals, your risk profile and asset allocation also change, and your
   portfolio must be realigned to accommodate this change.
 The need to rebalance also arises once you achieve set goals.
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